Bài IELTS WRITING TASK 1 - Process 14/3/2019

The given flow chart illustrates the procedure of applying for a driving permit in a state of the US.

Overall, a driving license applicant needs to pass three tests to obtain a driving license, including an eye test, a written test and a practice exam.

First, a candidate has to visit a driving license center and fill out an application form. A vision test is administered right afterwards, the result of which decides whether she is eligible to receive a driving license or not.

Once passing the eyesight test, the candidate is required to pay a fee for taking a written test which is a prerequisite for a subsequent driving test. If these tests are all passed, she can receive a driving license. In case the test taker fails the written part, she has two more chances to retake this module without paying any additional fees. However, if she fails the written test three times or does badly in the practical driving exam just once, the candidate has to pay the fee and takes the two tests again. (178 words – band 7)